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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Welcome to the Greener Lebanon campaign website. This site is intended to help you search for local ecological solutions you can implement in your homes and businesses, to reduce your impact on the environment. It is up to us, as citizens, to be fully aware and committed to preserving this beautiful country.

Reduce your footprint

Try to avoid using disposable materials, use alternatives.

Reuse & Reuse

Refill your bottles, and donate old possesions frequently.

Recycle your waste

Segregate your personal waste, try and get informed.

Its time to take action

Lebanon is a tiny, densely populated country. We cannot continue disposing all our waste in landfills, nor can we allow rotting waste to burn near our homes, businesses and, most importantly, farms. Change starts at the level of the individual: do your part by integrating recycling into your daily routine.