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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions aggregated for your own information.

Why this campaign now?

Because years on from the garbage crisis, there has been little change in household habits and too much is still going to landfills. We hope that by providing information on the available solutions in an easy to navigate way that more will be inspired to sign up.

Why do I have to pay for recycling collection from my home/business?

Because recycling collection is not subsidized in Lebanon. The cost of collecting recyclables, the cost of sorting it, and then the cost of transporting it to the relevant factory (the factories do not pay for the transportation), is higher than the price paid for the recyclable material. Without a collection fee, it would not be a viable business. In case you do not wish to pay a fee, many of the companies provide drop off locations.

The government is not collecting recycling, so why should I bother?

Because the country does not currently have a proper waste management solution, and constant political crises are not painting a better picture for the future. So should we just continue throwing all of our waste into landfills, as we have been for the past 3 years, while polluting our land, air and water, hoping for a better government provided option some day? Or should we do something about it now and each take responsibility for our own waste, making basic changes at home or work that will help to alleviate the problem? Your own commitment will inspire others, who in turn will inspire others, and before you know it a real difference is being made. The choice is yours.

What happens to my recyclables?

All waste sent to a recycling organization is sorted, compressed and then sent to a dedicated recycling factory. Your plastic will go to a plastics recycling factory where it will be broken down to be reused again in other forms. Paper and cardboard are sent to their own dedicated facilities where they can be broken down and processed for reuse. More information about these processes can be viewed here:

How Do I Submit A Locaation ?

We aim to keep our map platform up to date with the latest available solutions. If you have a submission you would like us to add, please fill out the following form. Kindly note that we verify all submissions and therefore the suggested locations will not be immediately rendered on the platform upon form completion.

The center I contacted was closed, how do I report this?

Our aggregated data points, location information and contact details are derived from reliable and updated resources. However, locations may close down or at times prove unresponsive. If you have experienced this, kindly report it by clicking the following link and submitting the relevant form information. Doing so will help keep this platform viable for everyone to use.

How can I contribute to Greener Lebanon?

Lebanon is a tiny, densely populated country. For the sake of all of our health, we cannot continue disposing of 90% of our waste in landfills that are located close to populated urban areas. We also cannot continue to allow rotting waste to be openly burned near our homes, businesses and, importantly, farms. You can make a difference by sorting your waste at the source. Approximately 70% of your waste can either be recycled or composted, in a very easy way. Do your part, research your options and make a start. It just takes a little bit of effort at the beginning, after which this will become a part of your regular routine. That is how you contribute.