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Greener Lebanon is a grass-roots, non-political campaign aimed at raising awareness of the ecological solutions already available in Lebanon, and encouraging citizens to take a more active role in using them.

It starts at home

Change needs to start at home. We, as individuals, are responsible for the waste we are producing on a daily basis. For the sake of protecting our country and health from devastating long-term damage, it is up to all of us to examine what we are doing with our waste.

We can do better

Anything that is not sorted at home and sent for recycling by a dedicated company, will end up in a landfill. Currently only 10% of waste in Lebanon is recycled. Given how small and densely populated the country is, we must do better. There are companies that are able to either collect your recycling for a small fee, or can provide you with a drop-off location in your area.

Do it for your country

We believe that all Lebanese are ready for change and are prepared to take the necessary steps to safeguard our environmental future. Here, we have provided you with the tools to do so, the rest is up to you.

Supported ByBank Audi

The largest banking group in Lebanon, Bank Audi dedicates significant resources to raising environmental awareness and supporting ecological progress, as a central part of their CSR commitment. They also follow the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 13, which specifies urgent actions that must be taken to mitigate climate change and its impacts.

Supported ByMiddle East Airlines

Middle East Airlines is the national airline of Lebanon, operating international flights to 31 destinations throughout the Middle-East, Europe and Africa. They fly one of the world’s most modern fleets of airplanes and are a part of the Skyteam alliance of airlines. Promoting ecological solutions is an integral part of their CSR policy, and without them the Greener Lebanon campaign would not have been possible.

Data Sources by American University Of Beirut

The American University of Beirut Nature Conservation Center (AUB-NCC) is an interdisciplinary academic research center that strives to provide research, education, community outreach, and knowledge dissemination to communities across the country and the region. The center has developed and brought to fruition multiple programs such as Medicinal Plant Research, Environmental Education, and Waste Management. All data used throughout the Greener Lebanon campaign has kindly been offered by AUB.